Tantric Abuse Articles

These articles by journalist Be Scofield expose sexual abuse with in the modern tantra scene. 

Calls Emerge for Source Tantra to Close Amidst Sex Abuse Scandal

After an expose chronicled numerous accusations of sexual assault and rape against teacher TJ Bartel, Source Tantra has defended him. No one at the school has been willing to take the allegations seriously or to condemn TJ’s actions, diminishing the trust and integrity of the organization. This article is a followup to the article “Source Tantra Continues Working…

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The Divine Madman: Inside Shantam Nityama’s “Tantric Sex Cult”

Several women have come forward with stories of abuse by Neo-Tantra teacher Shantam Nityama who calls himself “The Divine Madman.” Women report being sexually violated by him during sessions and trainings. They describe a “sex cult” environment where Nityama’s inner circle of women recruit other women to have sex with him and pressure women during…

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Agama Yoga Founder Flees Amidst Sexual Assault Accusations

Swami Vivekananda Saraswati has fled Agama Yoga following sexual assault accusations. See news coverage below. See www.agamjustice.com for all updates and more info. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (July 28th, 2018) Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, the founder of Agama Yoga has indefinitely fled the center in Ko Phangan, Thailand several sources confirm. He is believed to be headed…

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Tantra Teacher Andrew Barnes Accused of Rape and Sexual Abuse

Several women have accused “tantra” teacher Andrew Barnes of rape, sexual assault and abuse. Most of the abuse victims report receiving multiple sessions free of charge. His long time teacher Shantam Nityama was recently outed for sexual abuse and running a cult. Barnes was a head teacher at ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) for…

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