SPOILED: Inside Alexander Fred’s Plot to Destroy Cult Reporter Be Scofield

Former BeInCrypto writer & SEO specialist Alexander Fred of Dayton, Ohio has been identified as the person behind a string of anonymous articles, fake news stories (including one accusing me of rape), and at least two websites set up to destroy and slander me. He’s also stated that he is tracking my movements and has been closely observing me for years. He’s made numerous hostile and aggressive comments towards me as well. Most recently I got a call and 15-second blank voicemail from an unlisted number in his exact location. As a result, I’m in contact with the FBI cyber crimes unit, and lawyers to file cyberstalking charges and a lawsuit. He’s published that I’m a fugitive on the run evading numerous criminal charges, a druggie, a rapist, pedophile, a dangerous sociopath, and an attempted murderer. He’s a paid ghostwriter who has written lengthy articles attacking my cult exposes on Bentinho Massaro and Aaravindha Himadra. 

[Be Scofield is one of the most prominent journalists in the world exposing cults and abusive gurus. In 2018 alone, her articles received almost 1 million views. Stories based on her work have appeared on The Guardian, The Daily Mail, VICE, Playboy, CNN, CBC, New Zealand Herald, Die Zeit and more.]

Written by Be Scofield, M.Div / Represented by United Talent Agency / FULL BIO / Author contact: [email protected]


As a highly prominent journalist exposing and shutting down cults I’ve been followed, videoed, hacked, slandered, falsely accused, given death threats and repeatedly attacked online. Hoping to avoid the worst of it, I’ve stayed away from going after Scientology, who are known for their calculated attacks on critics. Despite my best efforts to avoid that level of stalking I now realize that I can’t. I’ve shut down and permanently damaged the livelihoods of numerous abusive cult leaders. People want to personally destroy me and kill me. 

Using my digital sleuth skills and a forensic writing analysis program I’ve recently uncovered a multi-layered plot by SEO specialist Alexander Fred to falsely accuse me of rape, defame me and attack my work. He’s used the similarly patterned aliases Robert B. / J. Baxter / W. Fromm, and one that uses his real first name, Alexander Vera, to write fake news stories and slanderous articles about me. He built two nearly identically themed websites “Culture or Cult” and “Baxter’s Journal,” setup multiple Medium.com writer profiles and created a Reddit subthread all solely dedicated to attacking me, my work and those who have supported it. He’s written over 40,000 words about me over the course of ten articles.

In his most recent attack, he used his experience as a background researcher and ghostwriter to create a fake news rape story about me. The article story craftily weaves elements from my bio together to make it seem realistic but it gets so many factual things wrong that it is quickly debunked by anyone who bothers to vet the story. There is no real allegation. There is no real accuser (See the end of this post for my point-by-point rebuttal to the fake rape story). It is a completely fabricated story dreamed up by the creative imagination of the tech-savvy Alexander Fred to try and ruin me. The supposed rape accuser in the email leak and the publishing site Cult or Culture who claims to have independently vetted the story are both using hacker technology in Belgium to mask their identities. Alexander is behind both.

“I’ve been observing her for quite a long time, giving me quite an advantage in knowing where and how she predictably moves from place to place.” – Alexander Fred

Recently, after a journalist featured a profile story on me on a news site he used one of his aliases and wrote a lengthy article attacking her as a “serpent” who “has the dark soul of a conniving banshee.” Elsewhere he wrote that an attorney who is representing me pro bono lacks a “moral compass.”

Alexander Fred’s One Man Operation

The two supposedly independent websites set up to attack me are run by the same individual. They were started at the exact same time: one on February 14th, the other on February 19th of 2019. In at least one instance they even share identical section headlines. From Baxter’s Journal: “How Be Scofield Creates Unethical Journalism.” From Culture or Cult: “How Be Scofield Creates Fake Stories.” Both are WordPress sites that use Cloudflare to mask their identities. Both use overseas hosting to avoid US legal and civil prosecution. The content is nearly identical as well: both sites critique my work and push back against the overuse fo the word cult. 

The sites and articles are also interlinked to each other through a process called backlinking that search engine specialists like Alexander Fred use to increase article rankings in search. Some of these articles now show up at the top of google search for my name, exactly as Alexander advertises in his Linkedin profile.

And there are several Medium.com writer profiles setup as well under these same names and they “clap” and comment on each other’s pieces saying things like “That is an excellent article!”

The first post on each site also sounds identical. From Culture or Cult: “Cult or Culture is born!” From Baxter’s Journal: “A New Culture of Cult Fear.”

I first came across Alexander Fred when he began sharing articles from these two sites in a Facebook group and was heavily attacking me as a sociopath.  

Throughout numerous comments, Alexander was aggressive and critical towards me and my work. No matter what I said he’d respond with something hostile like “This appears to be text-book manipulative behavior of a sociopathic personality.” It was one biting, attacking comment after another. Anytime I tried to challenge anything that has been said about me he fiercely argued against me. This was my first encounter with him. 

Alexander Fred stated in comments and in a message to me that he has studied sociopathic personalities in depth. Curiously he used almost the exact same phrasing as “Robert B.” did in the article “Be Scofield — An Angry Sociopath Disguised as a Journalist” on Cult or Culture.

  • Robert B.’s article: “I’ve been observing Be Scofield and a few other sociopath personalities for a number of years, methodically tracking her work and actions online.”
  • Alexander Fred’s Facebook comment: “I began researching sociopathic behaviors…I began observing them in people around me. I began paying attention to these people.”

Both Robert B. and Alexander Fred are also tech-savvy. And both have been following me and my work.

  • Robert B.: “For the digital novice she’s not easy to track. Not so for me.”
  • Alexander Fred’s bio: search engine optimization specialist, cryptocurrency analyst, freelance writer.

And Facebook tells me Alexander Fred has been my friend since March of 2018 and I had no idea. So, he’s been quietly observing me ever since. And he told me he has been following my work for quite some time. 

Both are “observing” sociopathic “behaviors” and “personalities” in me and others. Both claim to have done extensive research into sociopathic tendencies. Both are intimately familiar with my work. Both used nearly identical terms in their writings. Alexander Fred posted Robert B’s article about me being a sociopath to Facebook.

Are you following?

Alexander Fred = Robert B. 

Another one of Alexander’s characters, “Jolanda Janssen” also accuses me of being a sociopath online: “Be Scofield being a hostile sociopath seems to be the most plausible explanation for what she does, and more importantly, how she goes about it.” He used this name to set up the Reddit subgroup to share the Culture or Cult articles. And here again, we have Robert B. “Miss Scofield unquestionably exhibits the more significant share of the hostile sociopath.” And Alexander Fred left many Facebook comments describing in detail how I’m a hostile sociopath. Here, we have multiple characters across several social media channels attacking me as a sociopath and heavily promoting hate articles from these two sites. They are all the same person.

And after I messaged with Alexander on Facebook informing him I was writing a critical expose on him, the most recent story on Baxter’s Journal, only published the day before, quickly disappeared. Using the alias W. Fromm he wrote an article that was a toxic attack on a journalist who covered my work. He called her a “serpent” who “has the dark soul of a conniving banshee.” Alexander Fred also immediately deleted all of the dozens of comments he left in the Facebook group.

What more proof can there be? A vitriolic article disappeared from Baxter’s Journal immediately after I messaged with Alexander telling him I was writing a critical expose on him. 

Alexander Fred and Bentinho Massaro

It was because of his disturbing and aggressive comments towards me on Facebook that I realized Alexander Fred was actually the writer using the name Alexander Vera who penned a fierce 20,000-word rebuttal to my Bentinho Massaro expose. Called “Cult Mania: Inside the Attack on Bentinho Massaro,” it is a highly researched, in-depth and thorough response. It was so articulate that my first thought was this guy was totally paid to ghostwrite the piece. I went to leave that comment but someone beat me to itand wrote:“how much were you paid to write this?”

His bio listed credentials like FOX, ABC, Disney & MTV but yet no results for Alexander Vera turned up in a search. They should have. Later, someone who personally knows Alexander posted on Facebook and said his real name is Alexander but he did not use his real last name because he wanted to protect his identity.

There is no Alexander Vera. But there is Alexander Fred. And Alexander Fred’s tagline is identical to Alexander Vera’s: Freelance writer. Alexander Fred is a ghostwriter too.

How many people named Alexander with bio’s that read “freelance writer,” who are deeply intimate with my work, and are determined to destroy me and my work are there? I easily connected the dots. I knew “Vera” was not the real last name of the Alexander who wrote the Bentinho story but that Alexander was his real name. And there I was in a Facebook group being heavily attacked by an Alexander who is a freelance writer and familiar with my work as he was sharing articles from Cult or Culture and Baxter’s Journal. 

Alexander Vera = Alexander Fred

Alexander Fred has also praised Bentinho using the J. Baxter alias. In his article attacking my expose on alleged cult leader Aaravindha Himadra he writes, “Alexander Vera does a brilliant job of taking apart Scofield’s sinister style…In my own assessment, I feel Massaro is a brilliant young man with some genuinely insightful ideas and concepts.” On both Culture or Cult and Baxter’s Journal, he repeatedly defends Massaro as well. The articles are all interlinked between sites. 

“As a published journalist and writer I’ve spent thousands of hours researching and doing follow-up work on countless subjects.” -Alexander Fred

Forensic Writing Analysis

I used a highly advanced computer program to forensically analyze the writing styles on these sites and it concluded that J. Baxter of Baxter’s Journal, Robert B. of Culture or Cult, W. Fromm and Massaro defender Alexander Vera are all a match. I already knew that Alexander Vera was Alexander Fred. So then I also compared some of Alexander Fred’s writing and comments from Facebook with these other articles and it came back a match as well. And remember the similarities noted above between Robert B.’s article: “been observing…sociopath personalities” and Alexander Fred’s Facebook comments: “began observing…sociopathic behaviors.”

So, here we have multiple characters with identical qualities: 

  • Highly intelligent, articulate and deeply researched
  • A biting and sharp hatred of my work
  • Refer to me as a sociopath
  • Push back against using the word cult
  • Demonstrate a subtle rage under the surface 
  • Are all interlinked and supporting each other’s writing

Are you following?

Alexander Fred = Alexander Vera / Robert B. / J. Baxter / W. Fromm / Jolanda Janssen

In his articles and sites, Alexander has used a variety of aliases and claimed to be numerous different characters: psychologist, fraud investigator, a group of colleagues, a married man and a freelance writer for Disney. As convincing as these personalities sound, don’t be confused, they are all just Alexander.

Belgium: A Hackers Paradise

Alexander Fred is using highly encrypted technology located in Belgium to avoid identity discovery and the arm of the US criminal and civil justice system to pull off the stories that I am a PCP using attempted murderer, fugitive, rapist, pedophile, and sociopath. 

The email address of the anonymous “Erin,” the supposed rape accuser, is [email protected]. My colleague was sent the email accusation “leak” in an effort to defame me and he forwarded it to me. He asked numerous follow-up questions but never got a response. Mailfence is a highly encrypted and secure system based in Belgium designed to prevent the tracking of one’s identity. It’s also outside of US legal jurisdiction. Hackers and geeks use this, not your average user. It’s a clear sign that the originator of the rape complaint is highly sophisticated and tech-savvy.

And then we have Culture or Cult where the fake PCP smoking, attempted murderer, rapist, pedophile story is hosted. The article begins by saying “we” referring to the “colleagues” supposedly behind the site and that they spoke with the accuser to vet the story. Guess where it is hosted? Belgium. From Culture or Cult: We are also not under the sway of US Jurisdiction…We are amply protected under Belgian Law.” And I’ve already established that Alexander Fred is behind Culture or Cult.

Both parties, supposedly independent of each other are masking their identities using hacker technology in Belgium, the same place The Pirate Bay moved their servers several years ago. The accuser and the publisher are the same.

And Alexander Fred has recommended Belgium based company SWIFT in his articles about cryptocurrency. “SWIFT is a cooperative society under Belgian law and is owned and controlled by its member financial institutions.” He’s clearly aware of Belgium and its role in cyber and technology issues. 

The Rise of the Cyber Jackal

In my 2017 expose on Bentinho Massaro I predicted the rise of Cult 2.0. It’s emerging cult leaders using Instagram, Facebook Live, Youtube and other marketing, technology and social media tools to recruit followers. I put a name on what will be an increasing trend of cults around the world. 

Now I’m predicting the rise of Cyber Jackals. In his book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins describes the use of “Jackals” by governments to eliminate economic threats faced by a country. These are highly trained secretive operatives who will target, destroy or kill people. Alexander Fred is evidence of cyber jackals — tech-savvy agents who use SEO, web, branding and marketing skills who ghostwrite and create fake news stories, discredit people and destroy their reputations. 

Alexander Fred is building a network of interlinked websites and social media accounts to completely destroy and ruin me and is most likely being funded by the cults I’ve exposed.

We know Alexander Fred is a ghostwriter for hire and that he’s written highly articulate, deeply researched and lengthy articles defending Aaravindha Himadra and Bentinho Massaro, after I exposed them. He’s set up two WordPress websites, a Reddit subthread, numerous aliases and written over 40,000 words in ten articles dedicated to attacking me and my work. Who is funding this effort to try and take me out? Only Bentinho? Agama? Alex Vartman? Teal Swan?

Cyberstalking is a Criminal Offense

Alexander Fred has repeatedly slandered me by falsely saying I’m a criminal fugitive and “devious outlaw” evading “numerous crimes” in my past. A simple background check proves I have no criminal history. Alexander, on the other hand, does have one. He has seven charges on his record. He’s served jail time and been on probation for several years at a time. This means the criminal cyberstalking that he is doing has much more serious consequences.

The ultimate irony is that Alexander is the one with all of the things he is accusing me of: seven criminal convictions, the use of numerous aliases and clear signs of a hostile sociopath. 

It requires a particular level of cruelty to create and disseminate a fake rape and pedophilia story as Alexander has done. It has very serious ramifications for me personally, socially and financially. I consider it a direct threat against my life as some people tend to take matters into their own hands when they think someone is doing these horrible things.

The degree to which Alexander Fred has cyberstalked me is deeply disturbing and alarming. He’s waged a multi-pronged effort with two websites designed to defame me, used multiple aliases, social media programs, and methods to ruin me.

Fortunately, cyberstalking is a crime that is prosecuted by the FBI and government. From Wikipedia, “Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, group, or organization…It may include false accusations, defamation, slander, and libel…” I’m hopeful that working with the proper authorities will lead to a conviction. He’s also severely defamed me and I am pursuing a lawsuit against him.

A Point by Point Rebuttal

My colleagues inform me the story accusing me of rape is so over the top it is not worth dignifying with a response. But it has been making the rounds and does craftily weave together elements from my past. I, of course, deny any and all of the allegations. But it also got numerous things totally wrong, which easily disproves it had anyone cared to look.

The easiest way to prove the story is completely bogus is to show that “Erin” cannot name his brother who was supposedly my graduate classmate. This cannot be done, so the story immediately dissolves.

Secondly, as a mother recently pointed out to me, the story includes a section where a 14-year old pays cash for a cab to the airport and cash for a flight on the spot. 14-year-olds are considered minors, they cannot purchase tickets with most any airline. Also, it’s highly unlikely that a 14-year-old had $400+ cash on them for the cab and airline ticket.

All of these can be confirmed by dozens of people: 

  • The story got my sexual orientation wrong. Alexander had a 50/50 shot. 
  • The story said I used the name Robert to introduce myself. Never once in my life have I used that name socially. For 28 years I used BJ and then Be. Only on legal forms would I use my former legal name, but never ever in a social setting anywhere. 
  • I lived in a communal house with five women. Our rooms shared thin walls. We often had guests over. No chance I could have tied up, almost murdered and raped someone there. 
  • The article claims I used PCP, weed and highly potent alcohol. I swore off all drugs and drinking at the age of 17 after a terrible panic attack on acid. The article claims I used the term “angel dust” for PCP. I had no idea what that even was. 
  • The story said I served beer to a child in my seminary at an event in front of adults. Is that even remotely realistic? Our events happened in the only room which was a chapel. No beer was served. Again I don’t drink. 
  • I suffered from serious gender and genital dysphoria and didn’t have sex for the first time until I was 29. It was with a woman and was extremely disturbing, despite being very attracted to women my whole life. I had no interest in using a penis sexually with women and I definitely didn’t want to use it with men. I later had sex-reassignment surgery.