About Be Scofield


Scorpio Sun (1st), Cancer Moon (9th), Libra Rising

Mercury in Scorpio (2nd) / Uranus in Scorpio / Pluto conjunct Ascendent (1 degree) / Pluto in Libra (1st) / Mercury Conjunct Uranus / Neptune Sextile Pluto / Mars in Sagittarius (2nd) / Lilith in Libra (1st) / Saturn in Libra / Node Trine Mars / Node Trine Neptune

Be Scofield is queer/trans investigative journalist & digital strategist who has worked with and advised NYT bestselling authors, The Yoga Alliance, Chani Nicholas and Greenmedinfo among others. She has extensive experience in web design, publishing, marketing, SEO, branding and digital strategy. Be is the founder of the online yoga school Mettaversity and the popular online magazine Decolonizing Yoga. Her writings on social change, spirituality and LGBTQ issues have reached hundreds of thousands of people and have appeared in Huffington Post, Tikkun Magazine, Alternet and Integral World amongst other places. She also has a chapter in the book “21st Century Yoga: Culture, Practice & Politics.”

Be holds a B.A. in Psychology/Philosophy from Warren Wilson College. She has done graduate coursework in Postcolonial Anthropology and holds a Master of Divinity from Starr King School for the Ministry in the Unitarian Universalist tradition with emphases in women’s studies in religion, sacred dance, African-American religion and Buddhism. Be specializes in the radical teachings of Dr. King and has taught a graduate course called “Dr. King and Empire: How MLK Jr. Resisted War, Capitalism and Christian Fundamentalism” at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley.

As a journalist she has broken numerous stories that exposed abuse, corruption and oppression.

Her expose on Agama Yoga led to widespread international coverage. Front page stories appeared on The Guardian, the CBC, CNN and other sites. Over 50 articles were written in 25 countries. Agama Yoga shut down as a result of her work.

Be’s articles exposing sexual abuse in the modern tantra scene have reached global audiences and put several prominent teachers into retirement. She wrote an in-depth story on a tantric sex cult in Europe called The New Tantra and exposed teachers Andrew Barnes, TJ Bartel and Shantam Nityama as sexual abusers.

In December of 2017, she published a huge expose called “Tech Bro Guru: Inside the Sedona Cult of Bentinho Massaro” which led to the ousting of the emerging cult leader Bentinho Massaro from Sedona. The article got 200,000 views in the first three weeks and led to a new awareness of how cult leaders are using technology to build their followings.

Her expose “The Gucci Guru: Inside Teal Swan’s Posh Cult” was covered on the front page of The Daily Mail, the world’s second largest news site (behind CNN).

In 2013 she was the first to break the story about the depth of transphobia within Derrick Jensen’s Deep Green Resistance movement. The article led to public outcry and spurned numerous actions, petitions and other articles. As a result, Earth First! Journal Collective, Greenpeace USA, Rising Tide North America and other organizations signed an open letter to prevent Deep Green Resistance co-founder Lierre Keith from publicly speaking at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC).

In 2010 she published the article “Integral Abuse: Andrew Cohen & the Culture of Evolutionary Enlightenment” which exposed the rampant abuse amongst integral leadership. It’s now considered a classic on the site Integral World where it first appeared.

She has participated in numerous internships, campaigns and movements for social justice and led groups on white privilege and institutional racism. Her activism began in Immokalee, FL — an immigrant farmworking town 45-min east of her hometown of Naples, Fl. Here, she volunteered with several organizations including the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

In the summer of 2005 she participated in the Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ) internship and was placed at the Beloved Community Center (BCC) an organization made up of the survivors of the Greensboro Massacre such as Rev. Nelson Johnson and Signe Waller. After a week of training with IWJ founder Kim Bobo and other labor and religious leaders she traveled to Greensboro, NC and spent the summer working on a number of issues including race, homelessness, class, labor organizing and most significantly the first Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the United States.

In the summer of 2007 Be was one of ten students selected to participate in Michael Nagler’s Metta Mentors Nonviolence Internship in Berkeley, CA. The internship was an opportunity to experiment with nonviolence in social change organizations, as the interns were each placed in unique non-profits who were committed to serving the community.

Since 2005 she has also worked on anti-war issues, serving on the steering committee of the San Francisco chapter of the Iraq Moratorium and participating in many actions with CODEPINK and other peace groups.

Be is also the producer of “Dr. King: In His Own Words — War, Peace & Poverty” an audio CD with selections from Dr. King’s speeches/sermons on war, capitalism, imperialism, nonviolence and economic exploitation. The noted historian Howard Zinn called the cd “Quite wonderful and truly inspiring.”